Magical Cenotes and Ancient Mayan Ruins

Cenotes are magical! said Rachel, another yogi who I’d been practicing next to for years. She was telling me about her recent trip to Tulum where she swam in several wild cenotes in Mexico’s jungle. The sinkholes filled with limestone walls and aqua water sounded mystical and alluring. I was instantly enchanted. Years later, that conversational seed sprouted and a trip to Mérida, Yucatan’s capital city, was born.

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My Surf Lesson in Punta De Mita, Mexico

(The beach in San Pancho)

During the Pandemic, I fell in love with San Pancho. A small, lively town North of Sayulita. We fly direct flight to Puerto Vallarta and take a taxi 45 minutes up the coast ($40) — it’s that easy!  I love San Pancho’s energy!! It  attracts creatives like me who want to do yoga, eat fresh food, walk on the beach, listen to live music and chillax under the warm Mexican sun. I wonder if there is an energy vortex here. During our recent visit, we planned to check out La Lancha surf break in Punta de Mita (a town 20 minutes south). Little did I know, I’d be taking a beginner surf lesson!!

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Puerto Vallarta: A Fun Filled 3 Night Getaway!

One of the best things that has happened during the Covid Pandemic shutdowns is the regeneration and healing of “touristic” places. Venice’s canals are now clean and clear, coral reefs are returning underwater, wild animals are creeping back into urban areas, wild flamingo populations have expanded, and majestic  whales are less stressed and more communicative with reduced shipping noise and traffic. These restorations make me so happy!!  On the flip side, traveling has come to a screeching halt. All the major trips I planned in 2020 got cancelled and my heart sank with each disappointment. Without travel, I can fall into a rut and feel depressed. I had to balance my own needs with the heavy restrictions so I planned a few jaunts to Mexico!

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Costa Careyes Mexico

Costa Careyes captivated my interest years ago when browsing through drool worthy photos of a book called The Castles of Careyes. Impressive villas perched on cliffs above of the Pacific Ocean designed to blur the lines between land and sea. These beauties whose rounded walls mimic Caracol shells are surrounded by 180⁰ infinity pools so they appear to be floating on water. I was struck by the sheer splendor of these architectural masterpieces.

So, when our friends suggested a trip there, I instantly agreed!

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A Quick Trip to Cabo: with Insider Tips

a quick trip to cabo

When my husband and I first began dating, he treated me on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. I’d never been to Mexico and was instantly charmed by it’s perfect (dry) weather, gorgeous beaches,  warm people, and vibrant colors. Mexicans have a way of making you feel “at home”, as well as making the best margaritas! We stayed at the original Sol y Mar, a simple hotel on the Pacific tucked against the terracotta rocks. I drank my first strawberry margarita at the swim-up bar which overlooked the beautiful beach. This is where I fell in love with Cabo!

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Two days in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca4 (1)

Oaxaca is a vibrant colonial city recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s well known for it’s cuisine, fine restaurants, cultural arts, Pre-Colombian ruins and traditional crafts. I’ve wanted to go there for awhile but flying through Mexico City was an obstacle. So, when I found a new direct flight from Los Angeles, I snapped up tickets for a quick, two day trip.

The flight was smooth and uncrowded and we luxuriated in having a row all to ourselves (just like the old days).

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