Raw Applesauce from Liver Rescue Cleanse 3:6:9

liver cleanse 369 applesauce

To be perfectly honest, when I first saw this raw applesauce recipe, I thought it couldn’t possibly taste good…I mean celery and raw apples???? Weird!!! I’m naturally skeptical so my “we shall see” attitude kicked in….. Well, I am happy to admit that I was WRONG!!! This simple raw applesauce recipe turned out delicious and not just because I was doing the liver cleanse. Nope!! I’m still whipping up this delicious applesauce after a workout or for a nourishing snack.

apples for the liver

Why You Will Like this Raw Applesauce

  1. It’s delicious! This simple recipe will surprise you. It’s texture and flavor taste so much fresher than store bought applesauce. The celery adds a cool crunch without tasting bitter, the lemon gives hint of tartness and generous cinnamon and nutmeg make it taste like apple pie filling. For a sweeter version (and this is part of the cleanse) to add 2-4 pitted dates or fresh figs.
  2. Fast, fuss free recipe! This recipe takes under 5 minutes to make. Simple add the ingredients to a blender and pulse until desired consistency. I like it slightly chunky.
  3. Guilt-free! Who doesn’t want a healthy snack? This applesauce tastes like an indulgence, but apples reduce inflammation, help digestion, purify the organs, improve circulation, repair the skin and regulate blood sugar. Healthy AND Delicious!! (Read what Anthony Williams says about apples here).

Permission to Eat Fruit if You’re Avoiding it 

Several years ago, I read information warning me of the high sugar content in fruit, so I ate it sparingly. A mango for dessert, the occasional apple, maybe 1 “decadent” peach per summer. I was depriving myself of my favorite foods.

Then I read 50 Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams and questioned why I was demonizing fruit. Anthony suggests that, “Fruit essential for your liver, and It’s the most important food to eat when healing from disease.” He touts the health benefits of berries (especially wild blueberries), mango, Pitaya (dragon fruit), melons, apricots and APPLES, to name a few. (Read more on fruit fear here).

This was music to my ears and I’m welcoming my favorite fruits back into my diet including this multiple apple raw applesauce (hmmm….maybe a peach wound be tasty in there too).

liver rescue raw applesauce

Recipe: Raw Applesauce from Liver Rescue Cleanse 3:6:9

This recipe is quick to make and only requires a few ingredients tossed in a blender. You might feel tempted to omit the celery but it adds a crunchy texture and deepens the flavor.  I like to add a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg so it tastes like apple pie filling. Organic fruits and vegetables have less chemicals and waxy coatings so it’s best to buy them when you are cleansing the liver.


  • 2 medium apples sliced for the blender (I like Fuji)
  • 1 Celery Stalk sliced for the blender (preferably organic)
  • Juice of 1 small lemon
  • 2 pitted Medjool dates or fresh figs (soak in hot water to soften if necessary)
  • Generous amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg (roughly 2 teaspoons each)


Put all ingredients in a blender and pulse until the applesauce is well blended but slightly chunky.

apples and the liver

4 thoughts on “Raw Applesauce from Liver Rescue Cleanse 3:6:9

    1. Hi Alicia, this is such a good question. I think he prefers having it room temperature but having said that, I “lightly” heated mine when I needed something warm. My logic was that we are steaming veges so it’s not entirely raw. Would love to hear how your cleanse is going.

  1. He says the raw version of it is more nutrient dense, so cooked would be fine, but not as energetically nutrient-dense available for healing. So just a lesser healing ability.

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