About Me

About me

Hi I’m Rachel. Welcome to my creative space on the internet.

I started this blog as a way to express my passion and gratitude for self-care and health. I realize that it’s not “the norm” to get excited about consuming wholesome, grainy, grassy, and natural foods but I’m crazy for it. Some people imagine that eating this way is a form of deprivation. But for me, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Eating nutritiously and living healthy is like being pampered at the most luxurious spa. I feel nurtured from the inside out.

Eating and Wellness

I’ve eaten a plant based diet for over 20 years and I believe how I eat has changed me physically and emotionally. As a child, I suffered a ton of stomach issues, sleep disturbances, skin problems and moodiness. At 21, I became a strict vegetarian and limited dairy about 8 years ago (I say “limited” because I allow for the occasional cheese or dessert here and there).

The cleaner my diet is, the better I feel. I rarely get sick and am not on any medication, I sleep better, my skin is clear and I’m more balanced emotionally (no drama, no roller coaster rides).  Because the majority of our food is highly processed and toxic I am aware of how many people are suffering and routinely on medication. Rather than living with these ails why not try a lifestyle change?

I also love to exercise and feel the two go hand in hand. So, when I’m not in the kitchen, I’m probably running, practicing yoga, taking barre or Pilates, hiking, traveling,  meditating, tidying (I love clearing clutter), and of course, hanging out with my wonderful husband and chatty Siamese cat.

Eating and Cooking

In recent years, I have discovered a new side of myself in the kitchen. I never “liked to cook” so I mostly grazed on “snack” foods like crackers and bread which taste good but aren’t very beneficial. So, once I started making my own food, I discovered that cooking begets more cooking. Once you start doing it, you become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. You enjoy your delicious creations (and even the not so great ones) and are naturally driven to cook more.

Cooking also teaches us a lot about life. It requires organization, preparation and planning. Cooking helps develop concentration, requires us to be present, multitask and minimize distractions. In addition, using our hands is a great way to lower anxiety. Preparing our food teaches us about seasonal items so we connect our body with the Earth. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. Often the best food is the simplest (think Italy).

Creating a delicious meal is extremely rewarding. Serving that love to others – expands your heart.

Eating and Marriage

I’ve been married for 17 years to an amazing man and I am extremely proud and blessed to share my life with him. I was a vegetarian when we met in 1995 and while he eats meat, fish, chicken and dairy, he’s always been supportive of my choice not to. He doesn’t love vegetables the way I do, but over time he’s grown fonder of eating a plant based diet and now craves steamed greens,  kale salads, and a variety of soups and beans. It brings me great joy to cook for him.

His favorites recipes are: Lentil Soup for the Soul, Brown Rice Gallo PintoEveryday Kale Salad, Healthy Hummus, Roasted Mexican Tomato Salsa, and his number one is Tantalizing Trail Cookies (these are insane!).

My Wish

I hope this blog encourages anyone who wants to cook more often, add more healthy greens to their diet, or try a plant-based whole foods diet. However, I must warn you that once you go down this road, you will never want to go back. Your body will crave unprocessed, “real” foods and complain when you eat otherwise. Eating fresh, wholesome food will change your life.

Thank you for allowing me to share what is so close to my heart.


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