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Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. Originally built by Hindu’s at the beginning of the 12th century AD, the city of Angkor was the Hindu capital for the Khmer Empire until Buddhism permeated the area at the end of the 13th century. Angkor Wat is the largest temple and still functions as a place of worship today. This world famous temple is the pinnacle of Kymer architecture and an icon for Cambodia. Many tourists arrive before sunrise to photograph this legendary place as the early morning clouds show pink in the lotus pools.

Being near this ancient temple has a special energy. At sunrise, you can hear the monks sing.

However, this is the reality of Angkor Wat 

Angkor wat reality

It’s crowded!!! Luckily our guide took us in the opposite direction of the major tour buses and groups which allowed us to explore the ruins more intimately.

what a view angkor wat

The Amazement is in the Details

monk angkor watangkor wat

Exploring the temples is hot so rest and stay hydrated. Fresh coconut water is one of the BEST ways to do that ($1).

Much More to See

angkor watangkor wat wall

Recharge Your Batteries

I purchased the 3 day pass and took my time to explore. A single day pass is available but I enjoyed absorbing the ruins more leisurely.  It is warm and there is A LOT to see. It’s important to stop and recharge your batteries (literally).

At one point, the battery on my phone died and I thought we had to go back to the hotel to recharge it. Not so, my guide Sokin knew someone on the outskirts of the temples, with an iphone charger.  My phone re-charged while I sipped fresh coconut water.

Sokin, my tuk-tuk driver was amazing ([email protected]).

I’m not the only one who rested.

tuk tuk drivers resting

The Trees Look Surreal

Get a Blessing

blessing angkor watAngkor wat Buddhist Blessing

Soak in the Peace

angkor wat

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