Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Quirks and Perks


Santa Teresa is a small surf town on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It’s year-round surf, warm water, and boho-beachy vibe, draws tourists from around the world.  Many visitors fall in love with this seaside town and it’s “pura vida” way of life, but, before you pack your bags, consider these quirks and perks of this Instragramable beach town.

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Magical Cenotes and Ancient Mayan Ruins

Cenotes are magical! said Rachel, another yogi who I’d been practicing next to for years. She was telling me about her recent trip to Tulum where she swam in several wild cenotes in Mexico’s jungle. The sinkholes filled with limestone walls and aqua water sounded mystical and alluring. I was instantly enchanted. Years later, that conversational seed sprouted and a trip to Mérida, Yucatan’s capital city, was born.

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My Surf Lesson in Punta De Mita, Mexico

(The beach in San Pancho)

During the Pandemic, I fell in love with San Pancho. A small, lively town North of Sayulita. We fly direct flight to Puerto Vallarta and take a taxi 45 minutes up the coast ($40) — it’s that easy!  I love San Pancho’s energy!! It  attracts creatives like me who want to do yoga, eat fresh food, walk on the beach, listen to live music and chillax under the warm Mexican sun. I wonder if there is an energy vortex here. During our recent visit, we planned to check out La Lancha surf break in Punta de Mita (a town 20 minutes south). Little did I know, I’d be taking a beginner surf lesson!!

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Hiking Mammoth

Hiking MammothHiking Mammoth

Mammoth in California’s Sierra Mountains is best known as ski resort for California winters but it also has an abundance of summer activities like hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking and horse back riding.  Until last summer, we hadn’t been to Mammoth in over ten years, but this year we’ve visited three times already. The beauty of the mountains is awe-inspiring but we keep discovering great restaurants, excellent beer and delicious coffee (with plant milk options).  Despite having car trouble (every time we go – ugghh), we’ve developed a fondness for Mammoth.

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Highlights from a Road Trip to Durango, Colorado

durango silverton stream train

Due to the Covid pandemic, we had to cancel 2 major trips to Europe this summer. With limited international travel options, we opted for a road trip to Durango, Colorado.

Durango is a small mountain town nestled in the San Juan Mountains in the Southwest corner of Colorado. It attracts outdoor enthusiasts like bikers, hikers and skiers as well as retirees. It’s home to the iconic Durango/Silverton coal train and Fort Lewis college. You can hike in the mountains, walk along the Animas river or sip beer at craft breweries. Several parks and hikes were closed due to the Corona virus but there are still fun things to do.

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The Sahara Desert Morocco: What I Wish I’d Known before I Booked

sahara desert

I wanted to be in the desert for my birthday. The profound silence, the shimmering sand dunes, the mid-night sky, the colors that change throughout the day. It intrigued me!! Even though going to the Sahara is completely impractical, I was willing to bear the 10 hour drive (each way) across Morocco to get there. The Agafay desert (rocks not sand) lies a mere hour outside of Marrakech, but I envisioned riding camels high along the tangerine dunes while watching the sun slowly set.  Unfortunately, my desert dream — was more like a desert disaster — so here are things I wished I’d known before I booked this extravagant excursion.

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Moroccan Decor: Earthy Neutrals, Warm Desert Tones and Colorful Tiles

Moroccan decor

I’ve always been interested in Moroccan decor! The bold use of color,  exotic tiles, and bohemian textiles. On a recent trip, I saw all of this inspiration in person. I studied how they used color and natural materials to make a space feel cozy and inviting. Every courtyard and Riad had it’s own unique style, and I was excited to SEE it ALL!!!

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Marrakech: How to Avoid Disappointment

in the medina - marrakech

Morocco looks magical in photos, the African light, intricate tile work, desert colors and exotic architecture. Travel articles (here) praise the food and popular bloggers (here) post enviable pictures. Personal friends  have raved about it and I even had a friend who lived there after college. So why was I disappointed?? Were my expectations too high or has it changed over the years?  I’ve never felt like “prey” like I did in the Medina of Marrakech.  So I wanted to pass along a few tips.

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