My 3 Seed Mix

Protein Seed Mix

Before making this 3 seed mix, I learned about Chia seeds from a healer I’d seen in Mexico who suggested I add more protein to my diet. I’d never heard of them before aside from the infamous “chia pet” I tried to grow as a child. But there they were in Mexico, a bin of little black seeds.

Little did I know then, they’d hit super-food stardom. Once I began learning more about these odd seeds, other nutritionally dense seeds fell under my radar. Eventually, I developed my protein rich 3 seed mix which I can’t resist sprinkling on nearly everything………

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KIS: Kale Iron Smoothie


If Popeye were around today, he’d ditch the cans of spinach and guzzle a kale smoothie. Why? Because kale  is a super food. It’s high in Vitamins A, K and C and rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants that fight disease and aging (yay).  It’s also low in fat and calories. So why isn’t everyone eating kale? Because kale tastes green and earthy which takes some getting used to. But if you add kale to this kale iron smoothie, it could begin your love affair with it.

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