Easy as Pie: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


These amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies are for anyone who doesn’t bake much. They are fast, easy, and great when you want a warm cookie for dessert or want to bring your non-vegan friends a treat they will enjoy!!! I love the rustic texture of these chocolate chip cookies and believe the Spelt flour gives them a sophisticated flavor.

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Granolicious: This Granola is Addictive!

Granolicious in bowl

I’ve always loved cereal and prided myself on eating the “healthy stuff” like Cheerios and Frosted Mini Wheats (the frosting was the bomb). As I got older, I tried to make healthier choices – or so I thought. I started reading labels more closely and was horrified to learn that my favorite “health cereals were really just sugar in a box!!!!  Cereal is marketed as being a healthy breakfast option when in reality it’s a highly processed food that contains large amounts of sugar. This Granolicious granola is a better substitute. It still has some sugar in it, but that’s not the main ingredient.

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Cheater Chai


I love hot chai lattes especially when it’s cold out and I’m feeling chilled. The warm spices and light sweetness taste healing and comforting. I also like having a warm vegan treat now and then which is hard since I don’t drink coffee and am very sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Most cafe’s and coffee shops don’t offer decaffeinated chai so I make this as a special treat for myself at home.

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