Meditating on Light: A Simple Practice


Why would we want to meditate on light? Because light is the essence of who we are. Without it, we would not be alive. Light births and lives in all things. Even the creatures at the bottom of the ocean generate their own light. Therefore, when we focus our attention on our own light, we are reminded of what we are at our very core.

I belong to a mediation group that teaches me how to improve my concentration and to observe my thought processes more objectively. Last month we focused on the word “natural”. I found this to be an unusual word to meditate on but the more I focused on it, the more I understood it’s importance.

When I was young, I wanted to be “normal”. So, I desperately tried to be like others. Copying their hair styles, mannerisms, or what they wore. The more I grasped at emulating someone else the less energy I spent brightening my own light.  I learned in class that the desire to be like others is very “normal” but it’s not “natural” since striving to be like someone else took me further away from the naturalness of who I was. My teacher explained that everything natural is good for us which isn’t true for everything that is normal. Some things are normal like eating fast food- but it is not natural because it is not good for us. It’s the same idea for wanting to be like someone else. This feeling is pretty normal but it’s not natural because it’s not very good for us. It sends us the message that somehow we aren’t good enough as we are.

Because I battle with negative feelings of not being “good enough” this is one of my favorite meditations.  It reminds me to strengthen my inner light and learn more about my true nature.

Meditating on Light Exercise:

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to meditate once a day. It’s important to empty the mind of all the clutter we accumulate. Find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed and set a timer (5-10 minutes). Sit upright with your feet on the floor. Aligning your spine is important for your breathing so sit up straight without being rigid. Close your eyes and breathe evenly.

Now, imagine there is a lit candle inside of your mind. Watch it. Watch how the flames dance and how there is a circle of light emanating around it. Study it. You will probably be drawn to it.

Now as you focus on the flame, drop the candle and it’s beautiful light into your chest near your heart. Can you see the light inside your chest? Watch the light grow and spread with each breath. See how light and bright it gets? Perhaps it is so bright that it shines right out of you.

When your timer rings, gently open your eyes.

This meditation helps me remember my inner strength and value. When my inner light is full, it can help me shrink those darker thoughts of being invisible, unlovable, or not good enough. I do this meditation to comfort me. It reminds me to be natural and nurture what makes me shine.


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