Gift Worthy Spiced Pecans

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If you want to give a special gift this holiday these Gift Worthy Spiced Pecans are the best gift to make. There is something special about giving and receiving a gift you crafted with love. It’s more personal than a click and ship package you buy on Amazon —and it’s far more original.

make a gift make a gift Why Make your Own Holiday Gifts?

When I was growing up, homemade gifts were considered “special” but they’ve fallen out of favor for more expensive “things”. I feel that giving something you made is more personal and heartfelt because it shows you put in time and effort. Anyone can shop online!! Marketing giants tell us to buy pricey “things” — but I’m all about clutter free gifts.

Six reasons to give these gift worthy spiced pecans:

  1. They are Made with Love – Making a gift is unique and “special” because you put love into it. Then, whomever eats these treats, digests that love. It’s good for the soul (and belly).
  2. Vegan and Healthier than Store-Bought – Trader Joe’s and other shops sell spiced/candied nuts which usually contain egg whites, a lot of sugar, or even high fructose corn syrup. This recipe is ALL vegan, has 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and is sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup. Therefore, it is healthier than packaged versions.
  3. People Enjoy Sweets over Sweaters During the Holiday – Rather than give another sweater or scarf that often gets returned, why not give something sweet? Spiced nuts make a great appetizer, snack or topper on any salad. Just Beware: They are ADDICTIVE!!!
  4. Give a Gift that’s Clutter Free – How many gifts do you receive that simply create more clutter? If you don’t know how to deal with “unwanted” gifts, read Karen Kingston’s article on What to do with Unwanted Gifts. Solution: give food gifts!! A special 0live 0il, nice bottle of champagne, handmade granola (this is the BEST) or these easy spiced pecans.
  5. Spiced Pecans are Unique – Stores always show the same boring “gifty” items: slippers, shaving kits, sweaters, pajamas, blenders….etc….so if you are looking for something original……these are it!!
  6. The Best Gifts Don’t Need to Cost a Fortune – I have a friend who always gives me Swedish Fish (the original ones from Canada) my favorite candy. They are MY FAVORITE GIFT!!!! This gift is modest on price but it means so much to me. I consume them with warm thoughts of her.

homemade gift The Recipe

This amazingly easy candied nut recipe comes from Erin at Texanerin. Turn to her blog for all Paleo, gluten free and vegan desserts. She is an amazing baker.

You can use raw almonds or whole pecans – both are delicious. I add a few shakes of cayenne pepper to the coconut sugar mixture for a little heat.

The “candy” bags come from Michaels and use your favorite ribbon for the bow (presentation is the fun part). Give these to neighbors, co-workers and friends. Or bring them as a thoughtful hostess gift.

Gift Worthy Spiced Pecans (recipe)

Now— go put on your favorite Holiday tunes and get cooking!!!

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