Crystal Clear (Vegan) Chocolate Martini

Tonight is the last day of 2019. A new decade approaches. I’ve made my list of what to leave behind and what to welcome into the new year.  I’ve prepped some appetizers for tonight’s gathering with friends and neighbors. The champagne is chilling in the fridge but I”m also planning to sip my favorite martini to ring in the new year. This Crystal Clear (vegan) Chocolate Martini has no heavy cream nor milky liquids and it tastes like LIQUID CHOCOLATE.  

I procrastinated with this post because I was unhappy with my photo results. Browsing other photos for inspiration backfired and left me discouraged and unmotivated. I felt like a bad photographer and avoided moving forward. Does this ever happen to you?

Darn Self Criticism

So, I set an intention to leave behind my self criticism this next decade. It doesn’t serve me and spreads like wildfire into other areas creating an unproductive downward spiral. Instead of wallowing in negative thoughts, I’m going to face my shortcomings head on and plan for improvement. No judgement required!!!!!

New Years Intentions

If we are not careful, we spend too much time in “auto pilot” or “survival mode” reacting to the waves of life instead of planning and creating our journey. So, it’s important to self reflect!  Spend 15 minutes thinking about the things, thoughts, or people you free yourself of moving into the new year.  Then, write down what you’d like to invite in and attract.

If you write these ideas down, you will want to discard the first list of things to release. A symbolic gesture is to burn the list (carefully) in a fireplace or kitchen sink being sure not to burn yourself or anything else. This gesture supports the process of letting go.

Chocolate Martinis

Now getting back to the business at hand — Chocolate Martinis. As a vegan, it is hard to find a chocolate martini that is dairy free. Most contain a creamy component like Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Bailey’s or milk. They tend to be thick and heavy — albeit decadent…. However, this clear chocolate martini is equally as decadent while also being crisp and smooth. It tastes like a liquid chocolate bar. There are only 2 ingredients and chocolate powder to coat the rim– if you want to get fancy.

Recipe: Crystal Clear Chocolate Martini

This is made with Vodka and White Creme de Cacao. I like mine sweet so I use a ratio of half and half but you can tone down the sweetness by using more vodka. Freezing your martini glasses gives it a frosty taste and helps to coat the rim.



Place martini glass in the freezer to get frosty.

Spoon some powdered cocoa on a plate and gently swirl glass around to coat the rim. (Or if your glass is not frosty, rub a small amount of Creme de Cacao around the rim and coat).

Fill a shaker with ice and add vodka and Creme de Cacao. Shake well and pour into frosty rimmed glasses.

Note: Mini martini glasses are really popular right now…

Many blessings in the New Year! xo

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