Broccoli Sprouts: Why you Need Them in your Life

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Broccoli sprouts recently hit my radar. I spotted them at Whole Foods when I was looking for powerhouse salad additions. Several days later I was at the farmers market buying Christmas gifts and I stumbled upon a stall exclusively selling broccoli sprouts. I’d never seen this guy before so it felt like the universe was mirroring my newly found broccoli sprout enthusiasm.

Now that I’ve found them, I can’t stop adding these adorable little powerhouse greens to salads and smoothies. Broccoli sprouts are a “superfood”. They are high in sulforaphane (20 to 50 times the amount in regular broccoli) and contain anti-oxidants which fight cancer and other diseases.

What’s more is that they taste mild and grassy. A cross between radishes and alfalfa sprouts.  The best is how the salad dressing clings to them making each bite better.  Another bonus is how healthy you feel eating them.

How to wash them:

One of the reasons sprouts get a bad rap is that there was an outbreak of Salmonella and E-coli in some sprouts a while ago. Scary! It’s best to buy them from reputable sources and WASH THEM RIGHT BEFORE USING. Storing wet sprouts could cause bacteria to grow.

“The sprout guy” at the farmers market said he doesn’t wash his because the soil he uses is superior and they were grown indoors under meticulous conditions. I still wash mine.

Storing them:

Keep broccoli sprouts refrigerated in their original container or a Ziploc bag enclosed with a paper towel to keep the greens dry. Refrigerating wet or moist sprouts can cause bacteria to grow.

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