Amazing brownies: And a word about Exceptions


If I had a choose a favorite dessert, it would be between a peach crisp and brownies. I’ve always loved brownies but find many don’t live up to my high expectations for “the perfect brownie” (I struggle with perfectionism). Frankly, if I am going to justify the calories, it’d better be worth it. Not too cakey, not too fudgy but just right (call me Goldilocks).

Normally, I don’t make brownies because they are too tempting to keep in the house. If my self discipline is Superman, brownies are my Kryptonite. I have no power to resist them. In this case, I needed a dish to bring to a BBQ and chose a recipe that made me want to eat the computer screen. It is rare that I will prepare a non-vegan dish but these brownies made me drool so I decided to make an exception.

amazing brownies (4)

amazing brownies (5)

A note on “exceptions”. I’ve been a vegetarian for over half my life and I am very strict about this. About 6 years ago, I adopted a vegan diet by eliminating dairy too. Then, I went even further and embraced a raw vegan diet for a while. I am devoted to my diet and health but I started to feel rigid. It felt like I was “cheating” if I ate a piece of cheese, took a bite of dessert, or enjoyed a sip of my husband’s cafe latte (a ritual we used to enjoy together). I felt that being extreme about my diet was feeding my perfectionism rather than nurturing my body. Yoga teaches us to be more flexible and open. I was practicing this in my body, but staying stiff in my mind.  After all, I eating this way to feel good, not guilty. So, I decided to “allow” myself to eat more mindfully and make conscientious exceptions.

I eat a predominately vegan diet. However, I “allow” myself to enjoy some cheese here and there and a few desserts from time to time. I know this confuses and maybe even upsets people, but it’s actually healthier for me to encourage a more flexible state of mind since my tendency is to be black and white.

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So, this recipe is an exception. It uses eggs and butter although next time I will veganize it using flax eggs and vegan butter or coconut oil. These brownies looked so delicious that I “had” to try them. They are just what I like in a brownie!!! I found the recipe on the inspiring Cookie + Kate website. Her photography skills and spirit are beautiful. Her recipes are fantastic and these brownies prove it.

Recipe: Amazing brownies 

I reproduced these brownies word for word so I will link to the original recipe and credit Kate for her incredible talent.

Here is the recipe: The Very Best Brownies

And when I make a vegan version, I will update the changes and report on the results.

Salud and Namaste!

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