Encinitas Half Marathon 2018: Notes

Encinitas Half Marathon

This is my second year running the Encinitas Half Marathon (my 5th half marathon) and I’ve compiled some tips for preparing to run a marathon.

The Encinitas Half Marathon

The Encinitas Half Marathon is a fun race with great energy and a lovely ocean view course. Encinitas is known as “the Golden City” because it’s thought to be located on a spiritual vortex. It attracts many naturopaths, healers, and spiritual advisors. It is also home to Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship and for years, Ashtanga guru, Tim Miller, had a studio there. Encinitas is undergoing a gentrification, but the golden city has retained its special vibe.

This beachy, fun half marathon appeals to runners of all kinds of runners. Some are highly experienced and competitive, while others are first timers just there to have fun. They are drawn to the pleasant beach weather, beautiful ocean views and enthusiastic onlookers.  Simply put, it’s a joyful experience.

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