15 Habits for a Keeping a Tidy “Vegan” Kitchen  

tidy kitchen
(this is not my kitchen but a lovely one from Pinterest – author unknown)

Neatness Counts

I admit that I’m a little OCD at times (OK — mostly) and I feel best when my house is neat and clutter-free. Not only does clutter have it’s own energy (that weighs you down) but excess “stuff” makes house cleaning more burdensome. This is especially true in the kitchen.  I like my counter tops free of gadgets (no bulky coffee machines or mixers). If I can’t find storage for it under the counter, then I’d rather live without it. My refrigerator is also neat and clutter-free. I avoid buying in bulk by shopping more frequently. Not only for fresher vegetables, but for a less crowded fridge that’s neatly organized.

Some of these tips may sound “extreme” but I believe a tidy kitchen is important for your health. According to Feng Shui, the kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s important to look after it. Here are my habits for keeping a tidy vegan friendly kitchen.

15 Habits for a Keeping a Tidy “Vegan” Kitchen

  1. Keep counter tops clutter-free. No matter how “tempting” it is to store things on the counter top for easy access, avoid this habit. For example, each time I use my blender (which is often) I return it to it’s home beneath the counter.
  2. Never hang pots and pans. This is bad Feng Shui. It’s hard to relax with all that metal hanging from above. (This goes for ceiling fans as well – I’m always uneasy with a rotating blade above my head)….
  3. Use one utensil for pet food and keep it separate from people friendly flatware. 
  4. Keep cats off all counters and tables where food is eaten (hello cat box paws).
  5. Wash bagged greens even if it says “triple washed”.
  6. Dedicate a cutting board for fruits and vegetables only in order to avoid cross contamination.
  7. Always know what’s in your fridge!! Keep it neat and uncluttered and do a fridge purge every so often.
  8. Have at least one great knife and keep it sharp (I like this one or this one) . It’s better and SAFER to have one high quality knife than a “set” of poor-quality knives. This goes for pots and pans too. All you need is one large pot, one small pot, and a skillet. Go for quality over quantity!!
  9. After using a sharp knife, wash and dry it immediately. Air drying your knives dulls the blade.
  10. As leftovers are eaten, transfer them into smaller and smaller containers to keep them fresher longer and save space in the fridge.
  11. Don’t overdo it with Tupperware. A few sizes is all you need.
  12. Keep the trash can out of site. Under the sink is ideal if possible.
  13. Splurge on good counter spray. I like this one. When you love your counter spray, you’ll want to clean the counters more often and your whole kitchen smells fresh.
  14. Keep nuts in the fridge so they don’t go rancid. I re-purposed my cheese drawer for nuts.
  15. Never leave dirty dishes piled up overnight!!! Waking up to a messy kitchen is no fun plus encrusted dishes are harder to clean. I clean as I cook so I don’t end up with a messy tornado.

Good Habits 

Developing good habits in the kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable. I also like to incorporate Feng Shui into this sacred space. According to Spacewise, “A clean, stocked kitchen with well-maintained appliances and tools signifies an intention to take care of yourself and your family” (read more Feng Shui tips here).

Feng Shui Resources

For additional Feng Shui resources read 2 of my favorite books:

  1. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo or my absolute favorite book
  2. Clear you Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston (I’ve linked to the original version since I have not read the updated one).

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